FELICI ma furlans

Vuê o cjatât par acident une serie furlane su YouTube: “FELICI ma furlans”. O ricuardi che cuant che mi soi interessât di furlan intal 2008, nol era tant ce cjatâ oben ce scoltâ su internet, e par chest ae fin o ai lassât di bande l’idee di imparâlu.

Par vie che nol è migo facil di cjatâ robe di cheste cualitât in furlan, le ai cjalade int’un flât cun grant interès, e dopo o ai decidût di lei “Il Friulano in tasca” di Assimil. O soi pardabon maraveât des similaritâts fra il furlan e il catalan e l’ocitano.

No sai ancjemò fevelâ furlan e per scrivi o ai dibisugne di dizionari, ma bisugne ben tacâsi di cualchi part, no mo?


Concerts in Japan are definitely a unique experience, from how you get the tickets to the very way the concert itself is organised. I’m not gonna spoil it, but this guy says it all in case you’re curious about it.

The thing is that while I was in Sapporo, I had the chance to catch amazarashi’s opening concert of their 2016 tour last January, and today I finally got to watch the DVD. Despite the nostalgy, watching it at home is nowhere as exciting as sitting there with that huge semi-transparent screen standing in front of the band members where they project videos. All their concerts are like that:

I actually found out about them thanks to V., an Okinawan Peruvian friend from my dorm. She used to sing their songs every time we went to karaoke, and while I’m honestly not so into J-POP as I used to when I was younger, amazarashi is really a different animal. Their concerts aren’t the only thing that makes them so special. Their lyrics are really deep, a blend of despair (or realism?) and hope at the end of the tunnel, but can sometimes address problems in the Japanese society or controversial issues as well.

Sometimes, their MVs can be very beautifully artistic:

Others, the lyrics blend with the MV to convey some message, like this one recorded in Aokigahara, a popular suicide spot in Japan:

I’m yet to find a band that can touch me in so many different ways as these guys…


Da un toc go pròpio del bon l’inpresion de scominçiar a desmentegar ƚe robe. L’è vera, no go pi i me 15 anni, ma fin che ponto saraƚa na cosa normal desmentegar i nomi de ƚa zente e de ƚe robe? O sonti un cojon per intestardirme?

Da ceo, ƚa me ga senpre piasest ricordar. Chisà par cueƚa go tanta paura de desmentegar. Desmentegar i sucesi. Desmentegar ƚe persone. Desmentegar chi son. Dopotut, che cosa xeƚa na persona sensa i so ricordi?

Sò che no se pol mia sèlier, ma almanco ‘nte sto punto de la vita penso che no vui mia durar come i noni…






El tiempo

Este dia ya vene almorza na de amon casa cuantos mana parientes. El razon kay ahora bien viejo gad ya mio abuelo y abuela. Mi abuelo puede lang siempre come solo-solo, pero hinde ya sila dos puede camina na de ila mismo cuerpo o conversa. Era queda bueno ole de ila salud, pero ansina gayod el vida: no puede kita hace vira o sangga el tiempo…

The Time Machine(Ilustracion sacao de Васељенска ТВ)